ATTENTION!!! THIS is the CEO of the popular online store shopjeen (Erin Yogasundram) proudly wearing fucking black face on her Instagram page. DO NOT support this business. I am appalled that I gave money to this bigoted scumbag. Not to mention, their website had LOADS of “omg ghetto fabulous!!” garments and accessories modeled by - you guessed it - white models (sometimes donning cornrows). PLEASE spread the word as I know that this store is popular for Tumblr users.

Hi, so this post is utter bullshit.
If you took 10 seconds to go to this women’s blog before reblogging, you could easily find out that the person in this photo is not Erin.  Erin is a WOC and looks like this:

From her tumblr, she wrote this:

The person dressed up as lil wayne in that photo is a small child. The caption, which was left out of the now viral tumblr post defaming me and my company was shaming and mocking the ridiculous costume choice.

and when the threats did not stop:

Again I’m NOT a small child with blue eyes. I’m a WOC, small business owner who is now receiving death threats due to a disgusting, defaming tumblr post that is surfacing. I did Instagram that photo on my personal account, with a caption MOCKING the ridiculousness of the Lil Wayne costume. It was pretty convenient to leave that part out, and frame me to be the person in the photo (who I repeat is clearly a CHILD). I am a full-figured, brown skinned woman with colored hair and brown eyes. Not to mention, I would NEVER do this.
I employ an extremely talented, diverse team and they make Shop Jeen the amazing success that it is. The thought that the spread of this inaccurate post hindering the company’s growth makes me sick to my stomach.
PLEASE fact check before you reblog stuff like this- this is serious.
I am absolutely distraught that my company’s name is being dragged through the mud without probable cause. This is traumatizing.

you can read those posts here and here.
But of course, have I forgotten where I am? Ah yes, the land of tumblr where gullible is always written on the ceiling.  Or so they say.

This really sucks for her. Tumblr is the worst at fact checking before spreading shit.
Q: Flizzy my girl just left me and said she had another boyfriend for at least a month now, she just "forgot" to tell me.... bruh what the fuck do I do now, she acts like we never even met


aiight heres what u do.. grab a set of keys and a strong knife


wait till aboutt….november 23rd 24th  (ill tell u why in a sec)

around 2-3 am

park your car 4 blocks from where she lives  cause u dont want no one to see u

find her car, key the fuck out that shit not like one ring make it look like a 1 yr old was scribbling on that bitch

do that on the hood and all the doors and the windows too

then u take the knife pop all 4 tires

… might as well take the hub caps too..

then u get up outta there run make sure you’re not being followed get in your car and go home

reason i told u to do it november 23rd is u just fucked up christmas fam

she gonna need to repair all that shit she aint gonna have no money for christmas gifts right before black friday

in turn this leads to

her little cousins hating her

her siblings hating her

cause they aint get gifts

she gets sad :(  and cant enjoy christmas

you win

and the first person her friends are gonna say is i bet it was your ex

when she calls you u gotta say something like

her: andrew did you key my car


"aint nobody thinking bout you i got so many hoes now u leaving me was a blessing i got hoessss… i got hella hoes.. i got hoes "

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When tree branches get in my way

Vine by: Logan Paul

How we manage to cram such genius in 6 seconds is beyond me. This is art.

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Moon Bridge

how the fuck are you supposed to cross that

With determination.





This. Right. Here. Hypocrites.










She on beat like a muhhfucka


shoutout to her for being so positive while going through chemo


Who is she ?? She did that lol

Looking like Ms. Incredible

her body 😆

Who sexy ass gma is this!?

this is incredible! I love her. WERK.

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He did it again because he lost his fear 😩😩 😘😘